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Investor Center
Details of Unclaimed Dividend
Unclaimed Dividend
2018-2019 Div-2018-2019
2017-2018(Final) Div-2017-2018(Final)
2017-2018(Interim) Div-2017-2018(Interim)
2016-2017 Div-2016-2017
2015-2016 Div-2015-2016(Final)
2014-2015(Final) Div-2014-2015(Final)
2014-2015(Interim) Div-2014-2015(Interim)
2012-2013 Div-2012-2013
Shares Transferred to IEPF Authority
SCL-Shares  transferred to IEPF Authority-scl-2017
SCL- shares  transferred to IEPF Authority-2018
Shares due for Transfer to IEPF Authority
SCL-Shares due for transfer to IEPF Authority-2019
Details of Nodal Officer to IEPF Authority
Details of Nodal Officer to IEPF Authority

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