ESG vision

Positive transformation of the environment around us; the people amidst us; and the conduct among us.

Chairman's Statement

Cementing ESG goals

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As Sagar Cements continues to grow at a significant pace, capturing new markets and implementing innovative practices across the Board, it becomes a strategic imperative to assess performance and progress through the sustainability lens.

Mr. K V Vishnu Raju Chairman

MD & Joint MD’s perspective

Staying on course

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Our objective with this ESG Roadmap and Vision document is to communicate our efforts to achieve our environmental, social and governance ambitions. We have devised targeted policies and implemented various measures across our top material focus areas.

Dr. S. Anand Reddy and
S. Sreekanth Reddy
Managing Director & Joint Managing Director


Operating in a 'hard to abate' and an energy-intensive sector, Sagar Cements has always been cognisant of its responsibility towards minimising its carbon footprint while maximising resource efficiency. The Company runs zero liquid discharge operations with increasing usage of industrial waste as alternate fuel and raw materials in its cement production.

SDGs impacted

Focus areas

  • Energy
  • Emissions
  • Resources
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Biodiversity
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For a business to succeed, it is imperative to maintain continued trust with all stakeholders. Sagar Cements’ strong relationships with its partners and the community helps it sustain its growth momentum. The Company employs and works with passionate individuals to ramp up its business operations, while providing them with a transparent, fair, safe, and equitable work environment that allows them to prosper and grow.

SDGs impacted

Focus areas

  • Health and safety
  • Employee wellbeing and experience
  • Customers and partners
  • Communities
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Sagar Cements is aware of the criticality of good corporate governance and the vigilant management of ESG parameters in delivering long-term value to the Company’s diverse stakeholders. Founded on the principles of fairness, transparency and equity, the Company’s governance model is supported by robust policies and procedures.

SDGs impacted

Focus areas

  • Corporate Governance practices
  • Transparency and stakeholder engagement
  • Ethics and compliances
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