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Today, the limited supply of fresh water is one of our most precious resources. Our water supply is not infinite. It is depleting at a rapid rate, making water conservation a global priority.

Our water conservation projects

  • 154 rainwater harvesting pits constructed and maintained
  • Water level meters installed and groundwater levels monitored regularly
  • Rainwater harvested in mine pits
  • Water meters installed and water consumption regularly monitored
  • Water softener plant to reduce make-up water consumption
  • Reject water from the softener plant used for water spray in the raw material grinding Vertical Roller Mill (VRM)
  • Boiler blowdown, after cooling, used as make-up water in the cooling tower
  • Reject water from Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and blowdown water
    from cooling tower, after neutralisation, used for water spray in VRM, for road wetting, etc.
  • WHRS helped in totally avoiding water spray in clinker cooler
  • New Captive Power Plant (CPP) equipped with air-cooled condenser with minimum specific water consumption
  • Sewerage treated water used as process water spray in clinker grinding VRM
  • Check damps built in neighbourhood habitations to recharge groundwater levels
  • Awareness promotion programmes conducted in neighbourhood schools