Cutting down on emissions

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Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) are one of the prime reasons of global warming. They tap heat, warming the globe, polluting air and leading to a rise in natural calamities. There is an exigent need to apply mitigation measures to stabilise the concentration of GHGs in the atmosphere.

Our initiatives to reduce GHGs emissions

  • Business travel reduced by opting for video conference of monthly and other review meetings
  • Employees encouraged to use bicycles in the plant
  • Employees provided with free metro pass to avoid use of oil-fired vehicles
  • Efforts made to improve the clinker conversion factor
  • Regular interactive meetings held with builders, masons, engineers and dealers for promoting use of blended cements, reducing cement ratio
  • Recycling and reuse of cement bags promoted
  • Use of recycled plastic as feed to cement bag manufacturing being encouraged
  • Transporters encouraged to regularly service the fleet to reduce specific fuel consumption and removed poor-performing fleet from operations
  • Alternate fuels, spent carbon, carbon black being used regularly; about 2.5% Thermal Substitution Rate (TSR) achieved
  • 5% of performance improvement being added in clinker grinding
  • Process expert control, blend expert control, etc. and other feasible software tools being used to better resource efficiency and reduce GHG emissions
  • M/s Hitachi Consulting collaborating for digitalisation of plant operations and deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) tools for betterment of resource efficiency and reduction of GHG emissions