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We truly believe that responsible business conduct is the bedrock of consistent and superior value creation. Towards this end, since inception, we have followed the highest standards of transparency, trust and governance while operating our business.

With three Independent Directors on Board, along with an Independent Chairman, our Board is in charge of our overall governance. Their key responsibilities include, among others, broad-level strategy setting, regular monitoring of financial and non-financial performance and calibration of business direction.

Board of Directors

Code of conduct

Sagar Cements is an organisation committed to good corporate governance, inter-alia, through adherence to the applicable laws, rules, regulations and statutory guidelines. It follows the highest standards of business ethics and is transparent and fair in all its dealings.

All its employees are entrusted with the responsibility of conducting themselves with honesty and integrity, while dealing with any matter related to the functioning of the organisation.

Our code of conduct is not restricted only to our employees, but is also extended to the environment and the communities. We strive to mitigate the environmental risks arising from our functioning and are committed to use natural resources efficiently.

For any concerns related to compliance, please contact Shri J.Raja Reddy, Company Secretary, at cs@sagarcements.in